Game 7: Gonzaga College High School Falls Short Against The Cardinal Hayes

Despite Bryant Crawford putting 22 points on the board, Gonzaga College High School lost to the Cardinal Hayes 65-59 in the first semi-final game at the Goazaga DC Classic.

Senior Jeffrey Hayden lead Cardinal Hayes’ scoring with 16 followed closely by junior Clive Allen with 15 including several clutch free-throws to seal the victory.

Even though Gonzaga College High School added 21 points in the final quarter, it wasn’t enough to overcome their opponent.

Crawford was on the ball for Gonzaga College High School, making 44% (8-for-18) of shots attempted and hitting 100% (5-for-5) of free throws attempted.

Sam Miller tapped out at double digits, scoring 15 points for Gonzaga College High School (6-for-16). Also chipping in for Gonzaga College High School were Chris Lykes (7 points), Myles Dread (6 points), Prentiss Hubb (3 points), Nigel Stewart (2 points), Sean Williams (2 points) and Eddie Scott (2 points).

Gonzaga College High School finished the game with 44 rebounds (21 offensive/23 defensive) and one block.

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