Game 4: Calvert Hall College High School Beats Riverdale Baptist School

Nico Clareth scored 22 points to bring Calvert Hall College High School to an 80-59 victory over Riverdale Baptist School on Saturday. Kenji Bahar helped Calvert Hall College High School take the lead for good with a two-pointer in the third quarter.

Calvert Hall College High School fell behind early, 37-33 by the half, but avenged their first half with solid second half play. Calvert Hall College High School finished strong, adding 27 points in the final quarter.

Clareth led Calvert Hall College High School‘s offense, going 6-for-12 (50%) from the field while also sinking 82% (9-for-11) of free throws attempted.

TJ Duckett hit three three-pointers and scored 16 points total. Three other players also added ten or more points for Calvert Hall College High SchoolEvan Phoenixscored 16 points and Justin Gorham racked up 10 points. Also helping the effort for Calvert Hall College High School were Bahar (8 points) and Drew Edwards (6 points).

Calvert Hall College High School finished the game with 28 rebounds (12 offensive/16 defensive).

Box Score/Stats available for download here.