Game 4 – Dillard over Sidwell Friends

Dillard over Sidwell Friends in the fourth game of the night
In a great showing, Jelani Williams scored 16 points, but this was not enough as Sidwell Friends (DC) fell to Dillard (FL) 45-41. On a two-pointer from Raiquan Gray, Dillard (FL) clinched their win in the fourth quarter.
Sidwell Friends (DC) finished the half up 22-12 on the heels of a 16-4 run. But this wasn’t sufficient to overcome Dillard (FL)’s 33 points in the final two quarters of the game. With 22 fouls over the course of the game, Sidwell Friends (DC) had an aggressive showing.
Williams made 83% (5-for-6) of free throws attempted.
Also contributing for Sidwell Friends (DC) were Saddiq Bey (9 points), Ross Young (8 points), Mark Chichester (3 points), Ashton Jones (3 points), and Abass Sallah (2 points).