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Gonzaga DC Classic Tournament Statement of Purpose

The Gonzaga DC Classic Basketball Tournament was conceived and established by the Gonzaga High School Fathers’ Club to support the goals of good basketball, fellowship among teams and players, citizenship and community service. Gonzaga believes that community service is an important principle of its educational philosophy, its motto of “Men For Others” serves to underscore this principle which forms the foundation for the many community service projects in which the school and its students participate.

Projects such as tutoring children in elementary schools, working with local groups for the handicapped, working with the poor in Appalachia and the Dominican Republic, participating in summer camps for inner city children, a work study project/cultural exchange with the Lakota Sioux Indians in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, working at The McKenna Center for the homeless right on the Gonzaga Campus, and working with migrant farmers in Apopka, Florida are just a few of the ways in which Gonzaga’s students serve and learn about serving others. It is programs and projects such as these to which we pledge the proceeds of our tournament.

Basketball is a great sport and we of the Gonzaga Fathers’ Club believe it can also be a means by which we can promote the Gonzaga ideal of being “Men For Others.”