Game 5: Our Lady Of Mount Carmel High SchoolDefeats Capitol Christian Academy

Will Jenkins’s 17 points propelled Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School to a 62-55 victory over Capitol Christian Academy on Saturday in the first consolation game at the Gonzaga DC Classic.
Claiming a 23-18 lead at the half, Mount Carmel put up points early in the game. Mount Carmel put up 20 points in the final quarter on the strength of a 10-5 run, increasing their lead late in the game. Both teams played aggressive games, with Mount Carmel picking up 22 fouls while Capitol Christian Academy had 25.
Jenkins was on the ball for Mount Carmel, making 40% (6-for-15) of shots attempted and hitting 56% (5-for-9) of free throws attempted.
Montez Mathis hit two three-pointers and scored 13 points total. Two other players also scored in the double digits for Mount Carmel. David Erebor contributed 10 points. Also contributing for Mount Carmel wereFrank Webb Jr. (9 points), Brian Jefferson Jr. (7 points) and Terry Nolan Jr. (5 points).
Mount Carmel finished the game with 33 rebounds (10 offensive/23 defensive).