2014 – Calvert Hall

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Calvert Hall College High School is located in Towson, MD

Back Row (L-R): Austin Griffiths, Drew Edwards, Alonzo Brandon, Evan Phoenix, Justin Gorham, Nico Clareth, Kenji Bahar Front Row (L-R): Reggie Rouse, Jordan Hall, T.J. Duckett, Kobe Usher, Dyante Doughty

Back Row (L-R): Austin Griffiths, Drew Edwards, Alonzo Brandon, Evan Phoenix, Justin Gorham, Nico Clareth, Kenji Bahar
Front Row (L-R): Reggie Rouse, Jordan Hall, T.J. Duckett, Kobe Usher, Dyante Doughty

1 Reggie Rouse G 12 5’9” 160
4 Justin Gorham F 11 6’7” 215
10 TJ Duckett G 12 6’2” 170
11 Kenji Bahar G 12 6’3” 170
13 Evan Phoenix F 12 6’8” 215
14 Austin Griffiths F 11 6’3” 165
15 Nico Clareth G 12 6’4” 185
20 Jordan Hall G 11 6’1” 155
21 Kobe Usher G 11 6’1” 165
22 Alonzo Brandon F 11 6’3” 165
23 Michael Westbrook G 11 6’1” 170
25 Drew Edwards G 12 6’4” 175
31 Dyante Doughty G 10 5’9” 155

The Team

Calvert Hall Varsity Basketball Coach John Bauersfeld enters the 2014-2015 season coming off of a highly successful 29-8 record last year in the highly competitive Baltimore Catholic League. He has an experienced squad with six seniors among his seven returning varsity athletes.

Calvert Hall is led by senior Drew Edwards, a 6’4″ guard who is headed for Providence College next year. He is joined on the wing by Nico Clareth, a 6’4″ dynamic scorer who has received plenty of Division 1 interest but has yet to declare his intentions. The Cardinals boast a 6’8″ center in Evan Phoenix who will play for Central Connecticut State beginning next year. Edwards, Clareth and Phoenix accounted for about 37 points per game for Calvert Hall last year. They are joined by Reggie Rouse, a senior point guard who has started for Calvert Hall each of the last three years. The starting five will likely be rounded out by junior Justin Gorham, a 6’7″ forward who had a great summer season. He is likely to have multiple D-1 offers before this year’s season is over.

Other notable seniors on the team include three-point specialist T.J. Duckett and Kenji Bahar, who is headed to Monmouth College to play football.

“We’re looking forward to returning to play in the Gonzaga D.C. Classic,” said Coach Bauersfeld, a 1994 graduate of Calvert Hall. “Our school, like Gonzaga, has a strong tradition of Catholic service and we are pleased to be a part of its tradition of great basketball supporting good works.”

Team Administration

  • President: Br. John Kane, FSC
  • Principal: Mr. Charles Stembler ‘83
  • Athletic Director: Mr. Louis Eckerl
  • Head Coach: Mr. John Bauersfeld ‘94
  • Assistant Coaches: Mr. Kyle Jarczynski ’07, Mr. Hakim Hibbert, Mr. Nashid Coleman
  • Moderator: Mr. Marc Parisi
  • Managers: Michael Tenant ‘15, Carson Page ‘15, Daniel Collins ‘16
  • Mascot: Cardinals
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Website: www.calverthall.com

The School

Founded in 1845, Calvert Hall College, a Catholic and Lasallian college preparatory school, provides a diverse community of young men with a broad and balanced human and Christian education through excellent academic and extracurricular programs that promote leadership, achievement, and service within the church and community. Steeped in the educational legacy of St. John Baptist de La Salle, Calvert Hall focuses on academic excellence, diversity, community, respect, and brotherhood. Through caring relationships, students develop their potential and pursue self-discipline and community action that bring spiritual, personal and academic goals to fruition.

In the early 1840s, Archbishop Samuel Eccleston sought to open a school for the boys of the Cathedral parish in Baltimore. Knowing the work of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Canada, he requested the Brother Superior General to send Brothers to conduct the school. Eventually, Brother Francis McMullen, FSC (“Fratres Scholarum Christianarum,” or Christian Brothers), a native of Baltimore, was assigned as director of the new school on Saratoga Street. He was accompanied by Brother Edward Whitty, FSC. On September 15, 1845, the Brothers assembled 100 students for the celebration of Mass and the opening of what was to become the first permanent foundation of the De La Salle Christian Brothers in the United States. The steady increase in enrollment eventually necessitated the purchase of a new property at Cathedral and Mulberry Streets. In 1891 Cardinal James Gibbons presided at the dedication and blessing of the new building. In September 1960, under the leadership of Brother Gabriel Cannon, FSC, Calvert Hall moved to its current location in Towson. The 32-acre site would allow for the continued growth of its academic and extracurricular programs and accommodate the increasing demand for Catholic, college preparatory education in the metropolitan area. The initial construction consisted of a classroom building, later named Keelty Hall, and the Brothers’ Residence.