Gonzaga DC Classic — LIVE

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The Webcast is available through the Gonzaga DC Classic page at All In Broadcasting. A big thanks for the support All In Broadcasting provides to make the webcast possible.

You can also visit the tournament site at Game Changer to see detailed stats of all of the games including live in game stats. (free registration required for complete stats).

Can’t make it to all of the tournament games?  Follow them here, both through Game Changer and by watching the live webcast throughout the tournament.  Want to experience the action in 3D and in full surround sound?  Come watch it in person!

Game 1:- sdCBMz6AGoA
Game 2:- uyf13992U4E
Game 3:- 0YQc1ctV8TE
Game 4:- m1P1KiWsMW0
Game 5:- wiIgUKibWzU
Game 6:- 2Pi-Xei0__0
Game 7:- TZs_q4q2x6E
Game 8:- GEGuHO5ugzA
Game 9:- riiIfLjMURY
Game 10:- D-lBNKAXW5k
Game 11: mO6KeeuRxKc
Game 12: nfOvGLV-u2k
https://youtu.be/00L8I2eY3GI https://youtu.be/00L8I2eY3GI