‘Twas the Night Before the Gonzaga D.C. Classic (2014)

‘Twas the 12th of December, while strolling on Eye,
there arose quite a piercing, clamorous cry.
We were startled at first, but regained stolid poise,
and proceeded to search for the source of the noise.

Tapping “Spirit Stone” without making a peep
through The Breezeway we passed as silent as sheep.
At the top of the steps we came to a pause
and exchanged whispered queries concerning the cause:

“More parking lot work?” “New train track construction?”
“A car crash on H?” “ Some other destruction?”

Turning left to Carmody, more questions arising,
in the Center we’re met by a raucous uprising,
a cacophony of yells pouring out from within.
Could it be we have found the source of the din?

We dash to the gym and behold a grand scene:
It’s the Gonzaga DC Classic 2014!

The bleachers are filled with boisterous fans
wearing team colors and congregating by clans:
Eagles, Cougars, and Cardinals (times two)
Warriors, Crusaders, C’lite and Rough Riders too.

A Purple swish of a three brings applause that is LOUD.
Then an Eagles’ slam dunk blows the roof off the crowd!
The chirp of the sneakers, the bounce of the ball.
BOO! The refs stink, another bad call!

Coach Urner’s erupting, “That call is a crock!
Ref, Are you blind? That’s a charge, not a block!”
The ref’s a bit “grinchy” and he knows he can see,
but tis the season for giving, so Coach Steve gets his “T.”

But the webcasts teams are purring along.
They’re reporting the action like singing a song.
Amidst all the chaos, they don’t miss a beat
crisp camera angles and voices so sweet.

It is said that math is never mistaken
and the truth that it proves cannot be forsaken.
If so, then I end with one final rhyme
about Men for Others who donated their time:

GFC dads plus WZAG’s young turks
equals great webcasts supporting goods works!